Consider the following screenshot from Godaddy:

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Why am I not allowed to make the * refer to ghs.google.com, when I can make www point to that just below? I think there is something fundamental that I have misunderstood here, but this should really not be that difficult.

What I want to achieve is that open-org.com points to the same place as www.open-org.com. Preferably they should both point to open-org.com like serverfault.com.

There are some similar questions to this question around, but their solutions do not seem to work on Godaddy.

I am using Google Sites for web hosting.


You may not CNAME the root of the domain - but you certainly may CNAME the * name, which you should be able to do in the CNAME section of that interface. Note that this will not apply to the name open-org.com though.

A CNAME of the root violates the rules of DNS, since you have (and need) SOA and NS records on the root name for your domain to function properly.

Your best option is probably to have open-org.com's A record point to a server which does an HTTP redirect to www.open-org.com - GoDaddy may provide this kind of redirection as a built-in service, not sure.

  • Thank you for providing me with the vocabulary to find this on Google. This page explains how this is done on GoDaddy.
    – David
    Feb 16 '12 at 18:36

It wants an IP address, not a name since it's an A record.

"GoDaddy won't let you set up a wildcard in a CNAME record." As shane implies above.

But it's worth testing what the first comment on that post states:

"Just set the Host to "**"." – Chris Pietschmann

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