I have 6 Nginx servers behind load balancer. Of course, if I just try to "deny" based on IP address it does not work as the app servers just see the load balancer IP.

However, I learned about the Real IP module and I have that enabled in the following way:

real_ip_header     X-Real-IP;

So, now that I have the X-Real_IP header set correctly, how I can then configure Nginx to use block certain users who's "X-Real-IP" value equals a set of IPs?

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That's easy. Nginx's "geo" module lets define a variable with value depending on the client's IP address:

geo $ban_ip {
  default 0; 1;

geo directive should be at http level (e.g. outside server). There is a convenient way to include large IP databases via include or ranges, see the documentation

So, assuming you have such a variable, you may return whatever status codes you'd like, e.g. 403 or 404 (at server level or in location):

if ($ban_ip) {
  return 403;

If you'd like to silently drop the connection, use

if ($ban_ip) {
  return 444;

444 is a non-standard status code used internally to instruct Nginx to drop the connection. (thus a client does not see it)


There's an Application Firewall 3rd Party module for nginx called naxsi, I think it could handle the problem.

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