I've got a script which uses openssl's s_client command to pull certificates for a big set of hosts. Some of these hosts will inevitably be unreachable because of a firewall. Is it possible to set the s_client timeout to something much shorter than the default? I don't see one in the man page/help file.

That or some sort of wrapper command that will auto-kill the openssl -s_client after X number of seconds.

I'd prefer not to pre-test a host/port for usability if possible.

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Use timeout command from GNU coreutils package.

timeout <time> <command>

Alternatively look at the first response to this archived blog post for a bash-only answer.


for the first loop: while read servername;do

timeout 2 bash -c "/dev/tcp/$servername/$Port" && echo Port open. || echo Port closed.


But the open ports is more dificult: timeout 1 openssl s_client -showcerts -connect $servername:$Port

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