i'm running a webapp on Jetty (Java application server) on my machine (Win7 pro X64) and i'm experiencing some weird problems:

  1. when i try to open it on my browser - it's accessible via localhost but not
  2. when someone else from my local network tries to access the app he can do it via my computer name but not via my local address (


  1. ping works for localhost and also, i can access (80) with telnet.
  2. windows firewall is off (stopped the service)
  3. nothing defined in hosts file
  4. cleaning DNS and ARP chache didn't help



Ensure that you have only 1 ethernet adapter available, and that this interface complies with the address that your users should type on their browsers.

  • Also, from your user's machine, try to do a ping to the Machine's name: ping MyMachine and the real ipaddress will be shown. – GersonO Feb 20 '12 at 17:28

after a looong evening of trying pretty much everything i found the problem - Skype!

after running jetty successfully on 8080 i consulted a friend and he told me about the skype issue. after shutting down skype, jetty runs perfectly on port 80 as well :)

after a quick search i found this - http://www.mydigitallife.info/disable-skype-from-using-opening-and-listening-on-port-80-and-443-on-local-computer/

NOTE: for some reason Jetty isn't throwing an exception like a server should in this situation

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