I've got Apache 2 installed on a Suse machine. I've gone through its configuration files, checked out which modules are installed in Yast and even tried writing a rewrite rule in a .htaccess which doesn't work. I can't seem to find mod_rewrite anywhere.

I take it this mean that mod_rewrite is not installed? How can I find out for sure?

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"/usr/sbin/httpd -l" will list your compiled-in modules, and "/usr/sbin/httpd -M" will list your included modules as per your current configuration file.

Naturally, you may have httpd in a different path.

Typically, the list of compiled-in modules is short, and the list of loaded modules somewhat longer. If it's in the list of loaded modules, it looks like "rewrite_module (shared)".


Drop a RewriteEngine On into the main config, and do a configtest. If it passes, mod_rewrite is installed (possibly built-in), if it errors out saying that RewriteEngine is an unknown directive, then it's not installed.

Also, I'd be surprised if the server error log didn't indicate that the htaccess file failed to run properly.


A simple phpinfo() will list the available modules.

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