I've installed squid proxy server for a company and now they ask me to add blacklisting capabilities for squid.

The most obvious thing that comes to mind is just to find a huge blacklist file on the internet and hook it up to squid configuration as external file.

The other option is to use dedicated solution like squidguard.

I also want to include ability to edit and add entries to a black list through web interface. Although it's not strictly necessarily since I can write it myself with php.

I would welcome any suggestions. My main priority is performance and reliability and if possible I'd like to keep it simple.


It's been quite some time since I've done this. However I worked at a religious boarding school for a while, and they liked to block everything.

I've been looking for the same feed, however I can't seem to find it. The way I did it was to find a list that was maintained on the net, and I wrote a simple bash script to curl the list, echo it out into the appropriate list, and then restart squid.

Simple, I realize, and unless you're an employee there all the time, it might be untenable. Hope the idea helps, but I'm pretty sure you are on the right track.


I dont know of a web interface to manage squid blacklists, but you may want to look at DansGuarding. It has a very good blacklist and can be edited to suit your needs.


If you need a cheap or free solution, the huge blacklist as Squid ACL is a valid option.

However, if you are seriously concerned about blocking access to some categories of web content, one needs a solution that also blocks all proxies (filter circumventors) and has a URL database with few errors. There are various professional solutions ranging from cheap to expensive.

You mentioned squidguard, but ufdbGuard development went on where squidguard stopped 5 years ago. BEsides the classic URL filtering, ufdbGuard also detects SSH tunnels, VPNs and other solutions that try to circumvent a URL filter. ufdbGuard has the same configuration syntax as squidGuard and is Open Source Software. You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ufdbguard/ or www.urlfilterdb.com. ufdbGuard works with both free and commercial databases.

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