I have a windows 2003 server and have attached a printer to this server. This printer is installed on the server and shared to all computers on the local area network. I want to check to see which users have print jobs and no. of prints, details, etc. I think there is a facility to see the details but I don't know where it is located.

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We use a program called PaperCut print logger for this. Hope this helps


The server should log this in the System event log. You can view this using event viewer, or you could put together a script that periodically scans the event log and summarises the relevant info. For example, on one of my print servers I see this event logged:

Event Type: Information
Event Source:   Print
Event Category: None
Event ID:   10
Date:       16/03/2012
Time:       11:35:46
User:       DOMAIN\username
Document <number>, <job name> owned by <username> was printed on
<printer> via port <port name>. Size in bytes: <size>; pages printed: <pages>

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

The description always follows this same pattern, and the values between brackets are:

  • number - this seems to increase with each job, it's probably not terribly useful.
  • job name - Windows programs send a print job name when they print something. For example, a Word doc would send the filename as the job name.
  • username - the AD username of the person who generated the print job.
  • printer - the name of the printer.
  • port name - the port used by the printer on the server. For a normal IP printer this will be something like "IP_172.16.100.50".
  • size - how big the job was.
  • pages - how many pages were printed.

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