We've got a Centos 5.5 server with 2 array's. One is standard ext3 mounted as /, the other is an SSD array that we are attempting to format as XFS before moving our MySQL database to it.

I've partitioned the SSD array as /dev/sdb1, but when attempting to run mkfs.xfs, I get:

mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdb1
size 0 of data subvolume is too small, minimum 100 blocks

When running with the minimum 100 blocks:

mkfs.xfs -d size=100b /dev/sdb1 -f
size 100b specified for data subvolume is too large, maximum is 0 blocks

I've installed all the required XFS modules, including the kernel mod and xfsprogs. Running mkfs.xfs with just about any option results in the above behavior.

  • What does fdisk -l /dev/sdb say? – Sven Mar 20 '12 at 19:55

In your original attempt, you created only an extended partition. This is not enough, as this partition type is only a container for more logical partitions. This was made necessary by the limit of 4 partitions the DOS MBR orginally had.

After creating the extended partition, fdisk will offer to create logical partitions inside it, starting with a number of 5 when you choose n again.

For more infos, see Wikipedia.

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