I have an authenticode certificate living in a backup created with Drive Snapshot, which is a byte level backup of the c: partition from my development machine.

I need to export that certificate.

I have converted that backup to a vmdk file and tried to boot windows 7, but I get a blue screen which I feel has something to do with the virtual disk controller drivers. Anyway....

Is there any way to export a certificate or use certmgr from the command line, because I can get to a command prompt using a windows 7 disk. I just can't boot into windows.


You can download a tool from VMWare to mount a VMDK directly as a drive without the need to boot the system.

Edit: I believe that DriveSnapshot is able to do this all by itself without prior conversion to an VMDK file.

  • My questions wasn't how to mount a backup. I need to export a certificate from the backup of windows 7. – Ronnie Overby Mar 23 '12 at 15:08

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