I copied the following from a post on the Spiceworks forum which remained unanswered: Is there any way to place the Recycle Bin back on the desktop of a Roaming Profile with the Desktop being redirected? I have used Google and can't find a straight forward answer. I am asking for people with experience in this. This is for a Windows XP machine. I saw mention of needing to use a program such as Undelete but I'm hoping that is not the case.

Further explanation: I use redirected folders and whenever a user deletes something from their desktop,my documents it doesn't show up in the recycle bin. It doesn't appear in the recycle bin on the server either. Where is this data? I doubt it is permanently deleted. Is there a way to change the recycle bin on the users' desktop to display those files?

Thank you!


The data is on the network server that served up the shares somewhere. Or not, depending on what kind of network resource is holding the files. There are various tricks to enable the actual recycle bin under some circumstances, but I personally have reservations about how reliable this is.

If you're using Windows server 2003 or better, I strongly suggest a better way of doing this is to enable volume shadow copies for user home drive shared areas, as a far more robust method of letting users manage their own data recovery.

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