as I want to send mails to another internal server, i need the following address to be valid:


at the moment, postfix gives me the following error:

Mar 26 10:40:52 ludwig postfix/smtpd[11765]: warning: Illegal address syntax from localhost[] in RCPT command: <foobar@>

in another forum i saw these two config options, but they doesn't work anyway:

strict_rfc821_envelopes = no
allow_min_user = yes

any advice how i can disable this RFC standard?



Try to add resolve_numeric_domain = yes into main.cf (Postfix 2.3+)

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    you don't need allow_min_user though. perhaps strict_rfc821_envelopes also but it depends on how clients are sending mail/connecting to mail server. – Dada Mar 26 '12 at 9:17

Instead of trying to work around the standards, why not incorporate the standards into your work.

First of all, as per RFC 5321, recipient@[ip.lit.er.al] is perfectly valid; unquoted, however, it is not.

Second, if you have postfix boxes that do not have a hostname, something is very wrong - correct this ASAP if you intend to maintain understandable mail services.

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