I am trying to find out which path actually resolves to %{_includedir} in a Centos6 installation.

I understand that this is normally "/usr/include" but where can I find where it is actually set or somehow "echo" it?

Basically, a spec I am using has "%dir %{_includedir}/someFolder/someFile". Everything runs fine but I can't find "/usr/include/someFolder". I assume it has been created somewhere else and I am trying to find out where that is.


rpmbuild --showrc shows all marcos available, _includedir is one of them:

-14: _includedir        %{_prefix}/include

(no idea what -14 means).

Marcos are being set system-wide somewhere in /etc/rpmrc or /etc/rpm/ or similar (was not able to find actual location, never needed it), and you can override them in ~/.rpmmacros file.

See also: http://www.rpm.org/wiki/PackagerDocs/Macros

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$ rpm -E '%{_includedir}'
/usr/include   # The actual location may vary
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  • Just seeing this. Works better than the accepted answer so I have +1ed it. Keeping my acceptance on the previous since it came first and did get me the info I wanted. – Dayo Mar 27 '12 at 20:09

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