I'm trying to prep for a new fiber circuit that is being installed in our office and I'm having difficulty finding much documentation on the Nortel SR1004 router.

The router currently is used for 3 bonded T1 connections that go out over the FE0 port to our firewall. I'd still like for traffic to go out over FE0 to our firewall, however I need to make use of FE1 to carry the internet from our ISP's handoff box to the router itself.

FE1 needs to be configured as such:

ip address w.x.y.z
vlan 3
speed 100

Additionally, there will need to be a static route configured for all internal traffic to map to w.x.y.z2.

If the router was a Cisco device, it'd be something along the lines of the below:

interface FastEthernet0/0
Description to WAN-Verizon
ip address w.x.y.z speed 100 duplex full !
interface FastEthernet0/1
Description to LAN-Firewall
ip address a.b.c.d speed auto !
ip route FastEthernet0/0 w.x.y.z !

a.b.c.d = firewall IP w.x.y.z = WAN IP for the Nortel SR1004 router w.x.y.z2 = IP on the ISP side

If somebody could please assist with how to go about setting up the router I would greatly appreciate it. I haven't had much luck finding much information on Nortel routers at all on the internet.

Thanks in advance.

Note: I figured I should also mention that once the new circuit is in place, we will no longer have any need for the T1s so I may need to know how to deactivate those ports as well (although simply unplugging them would do the trick as well possibly).


Nortel's enterprise solutions business was sold to Avaya when they went bankrupt. Take a look at the Avaya Secure Router 1000 Series documentation.

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