On a Virtual Machine Host Server I have a logical volume, /dev/my_volume_group/some_disk. The Logical volume "some_disk" has two partitions on it that were created by the guest machine. A swap and an ext3.

How can I access the ext3 partition from the host machine? I can only see the logical volume, not the partition(s) inside it? The host is a CentOS 6 Server.

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Important: Either mount the filesystems inside the partitions read-only or make sure they are not mounted by a VM.

Than you can use the kpartx tool to mount the partitions, and if this is not available, use the offset option for mount. More details can be found in @kupson's and my answer to this question, just use the path to your logical volume instead of the image file name.

  • Thanks! For completeness, its kpartx -a /dev/my_volume_group/some_disk and then you'll be able to use /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-some_disk1 and /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-some_disk2
    – Nick
    Apr 3, 2012 at 20:04

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