So I have an EC2 instance running, the URL NoWeatherSurprises.com I have the DNS pointing there, and I set up a new site in IIS 7 and pointed it to a folder. I used Visual Studios Web Developer 2010 express to publish to this folder. It now has the binaries and such.

However if I go to NoWeatherSurprises.com I get the welcome to IIS 7 screen. I'd expect to go to my application If I navigate to http://noweathersurprises.com/weather/ [weather was the folder I published to under wwwroot] I get a 403 forbidden. I have no idea why, I am guessing that it is trying to do a directory listing or something instead of launching my MVC Application.

So 2 problems in summary.

  1. It is not pointing the domain to the folder directly and I need to add /weather
  2. I am getting a 403 forbidden instead of the results of my home controller with the index action.

I am new to IIS 7, I had been using IIS 6 and had a lot less trouble setting it up, but I suspect that's my own fault and i am just missing something. Thanks in advance for any help

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Have you added a hostname binding for the hostname? IIS needs that to figure out what site should serve a particular request. Alternatively, you should set the site in question as the default site (instead of the automatically created default one).

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