I often get the aloof error message above, after trying change a view in SQL Managment Studio 2008. I right-click on a view, select 'design', make a change (or not), and click the Save button.

It only happens on some Views. Others save instantly. I also can't delete or rename this View, and instead get the error "lock request timeout period exceeded... ..@objname is ambiguous or claimed @objtype (OBJECT) is wrong." Can I remove this lock, assuming that really is the problem?

Is there a way to fix, or get around this bug in SSMS? It's happening more and more, maybe because my queries are getting larger? I don't know.

Edit: After more reasearch I see this bug is identified by the 1222 error, and MSDN has directions for a workaround, which states:

"Use sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks and sys.dm_tran_locks dynamic management views"

Currently I'm trying to figure out what "Use sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks" really means.

  • I just had this error today. I realized it was happening because I had a solution running in visual studio that was using my view. Could that be your issue as well? – SimplyZ Jul 7 '15 at 20:45

"Use sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks" means to run queries against that object to see what's causing the timeouts that you are getting.

  • There is no mention of how to identify the process. sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks has 22 records, so I do not know which one I'm supposed to kill. Should I just terminate all of them? – David Apr 18 '12 at 20:36

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