Have an issue with the redial numbers.

Outgoing line is configured to the digit 0, so on the dial plan it is set to "0|." (without the quotes).

Now all missed calls from the UK, starts with 44 on the IP Phone.

If i hit redial, it refuses the connection as expected.

What do i need too add, that when it sees 44, it either replaces it back with 44 or add additional 0.

I am using Elastix for front end management.


Just add second rule for 44., and put it on first place.

that way it will use first rule for 44XXXXX and use ur current rule for all other.

  • this is a moment where i say D'oh! Danke! i could have sworn i tried this first and didn't work! – Cold T Apr 24 '12 at 14:41

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