first of all I'm very sorry for my English...

This is my scenario:


Firewall+LB: pfsense_1(Active) + pfsense_2(Passive) in CARP

Pool servers: 3 x nginx(PHP5+HTTP+HTTPS)

Pfsense 1 and 2 CARP configured with Virtual IP (pubblic). Nginx servers's ips are all private.

I want to load balance inbound HTTP and HTTPS connections between the 3 nginx web servers. An importat thing is that the HTTPS connections must be "sticky connections": in HTTPS connections, after login by username and password, I setup a php session and therefore when a client starts a HTTPS connection it will be always redirected to the same nginx server, until it disconnects itself, it closes the page/browser or after a timeout (30minutes?) without activity. Is this possible whit the last release(2.0.1) of pfsense?

thank you very much...

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What you want to do is install a more traditional load-balancing software such as HAProxy(it is a package in pfSense or can be a separate server). There you should be able to configure sticky sessions.


Your load balancer needs to handle SSL; otherwise it cannot read HTTP headers which it needs for sticky sessions.

I do not see any out-of-the-box solution for this. If you want this on the pfsense box, probably what I would do is install nginx from BSD Ports, and have that do the actual load balancing.

  • ok, but nginx is not one of the pfsense's packages...ho can I install it? fro BSD ports? I'm not expert of freeBSD, I have alway worked with linux...thank you
    – Zeux
    Apr 20, 2012 at 7:22

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