Today earlier we lost the logical drive information for a 4 drive raid array that was array B!

The system had two arrays A and B A being the single system drive and B the Data drive of 4 x 136Gb drives giveing a raid of 1 x drive of approx 250Gb.

After adding 1 x additional drive to the drive cage to make 6 drives in total the ACU reported 1 x unallocated drive and the two other arrays!

But when we came to look across the network at files on the Array B the folders were there but no files!

HP got us to update the ACU software and also the Array Controller Firmware which we did and now we get a report of 1 x Array A (system drive) and 4 unallocated devices!

Is there a way to scan these 4 devices and rebuild the Array B configuration??

This can be HP or 3rd party Any help please..


HP ProLiant Smart Array RAID technology stores the array information on the actual drives and not on the controller. Disk drive position within the cage is EXTREMELY important.

  • Turn the server off.
  • Remove the power cables from the system.
  • Remove the drives and place them back in the original drive order. I don't know if disks were moved, but go back to the original setup.
  • Do not insert the 6th drive that you added after the fact.
  • Reinsert the power cables and power the machine on.
  • Watch the POST and boot process. If prompted by the Array BIOS utility, ensure the arrays are enabled and not disabled (often need to press "F2").
  • See if the system boots and both arrays show up.

Please report back with what happens.

May I ask what you were trying to do by inserting the new drive? Please provide more detail.

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