Are there any file manager UIs I can use with Elastic Beanstalk (upload,view,etc)? Does the AWS Management Console include one? I'm doing PHP and HTML.


The management console cannot be used to deploy PHP apps...

here is an extract of the documentation:

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Functionality For PHP Developers

To deploy PHP applications using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, you simply:

Create your application as you normally would using any editor or IDE. Create an Elastic Beanstalk PHP environment using the AWS Management Console, the command line interface, or the web service APIs. Behind the scenes, Elastic Beanstalk handles the provisioning of a load balancer and Amazon EC2 resources. Install and configure Git for deployments. Commit and push your changes using Git. Elastic Beanstalk deploys your files to one or more Amazon EC2 instances running the Apache HTTP Server. Within a few minutes you will be able to access your application at a customized URL (e.g. http://myapp.elasticbeanstalk.com/).

  • You're correct. It appears the only thing you can do with the AWS Management console is upload your entire website in a zip file, where using Git makes it much easier to upload individual file changes. There's even some Git UIs on the Mac App Store.
    – Hope4You
    May 4 '12 at 17:40

Yes, the Elastic Beanstalk can be managed through the AWS Management Console1 .


I very often SSH into my Beanstalk instances and use Total Commander (Windows) with SFTP plugin to check things etc. Highly recommendable.

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