I would like to move an Exchange 2010 mailbox from mydomain\userAccount1 to mydomain\userAccount2 without deleting userAccount1.

I have seen numerous articles online that talk about how to do this after userAccount1 is deleted but none that provide steps to move a mailbox with all its e-mail, active sync relationships, and other metadata over to a different active directory user account.

How can I move a mailbox from mydomain\userAccount1 to mydomain\userAccount2 without deleting userAccount1?


You may try to performs these steps:

  1. removing Exchange attributes for userAccount1 using the Disable-Mailbox cmdlet
  2. running Clean-MailboxDatabase
  3. reconnecting the mailbox to userAccount2 using the Connect-Mailbox cmdlet

Hope this helps.

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This is the closest i could find. I am not sure that it will be what you're looking for, but it might be able to help.


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Maxwells answer dated 2012/05/02 @ 14:09 is correct.

Quoted directly from the 'Disable-Mailbox' online link:

The Disable-Mailbox cmdlet removes the mailbox's Exchange attributes from Active Directory. The mailbox isn't deleted and can be reconnected to its user at a later date by using the Connect-Mailbox cmdlet.

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