I'm not even 100% sure how to ask this question. The answer might be out there, but I can't find it.

So I've set up virtual hosts for my Mac and I do all my development locally on my computer. I have a vhost folder in my Sites folder, and I have a list of folders, such as:


and in my /etc/hosts file I have an entry for each one:

# vhosts recipes.cam database.cam sandbox.cam codeigniter.cam
# ...    

And this works great. When I go to http://recipes.cam in my browser, it shows the contents of the ~/Sites/vhosts/recipes.cam/.

So this is my question: Is there a way to have any address that end in .cam to redirect to localhost? So I don't have to create a new entry in hosts every time I add a new directory (it happens pretty often).

I tried *.cam in my hosts file, but it didn't work :-/


You could install a local DNS server/resolver (e.g. BIND) with a .cam zone containing a wildcard entry and have your resolv.conf point to localhost. The other requests you can either forward to your normal DNS resolver, or resolve them using the root servers.

  • Is there a Mac version of this sort of software? Any good tutorials on how to set it up? – CWSpear May 5 '12 at 5:04
  • BIND is portable, I don't think it is a problem getting it to work on MacOS. But I'm no mac user, so I cannot really help you with that. Google for something like "Install BIND on MacOS". – Oliver May 5 '12 at 19:49

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