I need to send vendor-options to DHCP server using dhclient (ISC). As I understand I need to describe that options in the dhclient.conf.

Do I need make new "space" for options? Or I can do "send"?

Can someone help me with this or give me, please, any good examples/ links to text.

Thank you in advance.

  • I've got kinde os loution: option dhcp6.vendor-class code 16 = {integer 32, integer 16, string}; option dhcp6.vendor-sub-option-deviceType code 17 = {integer 32, integer 16, integer 16, string}; send dhcp6.vendor-class 4491 12 "OpenCable2.1"; send dhcp6.vendor-sub-option-deviceType 4491 2 4 "ESTB"; Does someone can make it better? I need send a lot of options...
    – Hedgehog
    May 10 '12 at 12:29

Finally I came to this solution: in your config file add 00:00:11:8b:00:02:00:04:45:53:54:42 - this is hex string

send dhcp6.vendor-opts 00:00:11:8b:00:02:00:04:45:53:54:42;

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