I have set up the following stack: Nginx, php-fpm and Pure-FTPD on a debian 6.

In order for PHP-FPM pools to run under each different user I have created a system user for each website I host under /var/www;

I have set up pure-ftpd with mysql virtual users support (pure-ftpd-mysql). It works and I can read the files under /var/www/example.com . However I can't write or edit anything because they're owned by the Example user.

I know a possible solution would be to have 775 permissions for /var/www/example.com (pure-ftpd's user and Example user are in the same group), but I don't want it this way... .

So is there another (possibly better way) to have pure-ftpd's user full access to /var/www/example.com/ and /var/www/example-2.com?


Have you looked at Posix ACLs?

  • would you mind expanding a bit on how posix acls can help in this situation ? – Iain May 6 '12 at 13:32
  • well, I was thinking to achive some cPanel-like functionality, but avoiding as much as possible setuids and such, as I consider it a possible security threat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I'll take a look at your suggestion. – adrian7 May 7 '12 at 10:57

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