I require more than 1024 clients to be connected to a single redis instance at once. My redis process runs as user ubuntu. I have edited /etc/security/limits.conf to specify:

ubuntu soft nofile 65535
ubuntu hard nofile 65535

I have also ensured that the maxclients parameter in redis.conf is commented out.

What other steps must I take to ensure more than 1024 clients can connect to my redis instance, or is that all?


Edit on August 2014: See this SO question for the steps you will need to do to get this working on Ubuntu 2014.04 LTS:

Why does redis report limit of 1024 files even after update to limits.conf?

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Yes, that is enough.
I personally wouldn't uncomment it, but set it to a reasonable maximum your server can/should handle. Obviously that depends on what you use it for.

In any case, you can just try it out via the redis-benchmark tool:

redis-benchmark -c 1024 -I

This will open 1024 parallel connections to your redis server and let them idle.

See http://redis.io/topics/benchmarks for more information

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