When you install an Ubuntu server, you get a screen to choose if it should have OpenSSH, be a LAMP server, have visualization, ...

There is some console command that shows you the same menu. What is it called?

I have just spent the last 30 min googling all kind of combination of install and setup and configure and command-line without success.

So, to recap, I made a wrong choice in the installation screen, and I want to correct it without installing from scratch, and so I need that command so I can remove that what I don't want to have installed. Since I haven't explicitly chosen any package, the usual package deinstall command will not help. And since it's a server, I need to know the console command to do it.


The command you're looking for is tasksel.

Run it as root (via sudo).

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tasksel, but all it does is some package-preselection, nothing you couldn't do with aptitude or something similar.

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