I would like to get pacemaker to retry starting my resource

primitive Imq ocf:example:imq \
   op monitor on-fail="restart" interval="10s" \
   op start interval="0" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
   meta failure-timeout="30s"

Note that this resource is pinned to the first node via

location location_Imq Imq inf: vm1
location location_Imq1 Imq -inf: vm2

Currently if I break something that stops this resource from starting the failure count returns INFINITY and stops attempting to restart the service.

I would like to never give up on the resource so that once the intermittent issue clears its self the resource restarts and resumes service.

Using pacemaker 1.0 on CentOS.

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It turns out the solution is quite simple all that is needed is to set 'start-failure-is-fatal' to false.

crm configure property start-failure-is-fatal=false

This is a global option and it's default is true hence my failing resource.

Pacemaker configuration reference

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