Using a method like the one described here, a user who shall not be named (cough cough not me) hastily added an image to his email signature in OWA for Exchange 2010 w/ SP2. Now, that said user cannot edit his email signature! When crafting new emails the signature does appear. I assume this is a situation that the developers of OWA simply did not prepare for, but I am wondering if there is any resolution:

  1. Is there some way of dealing with this issue head-on in OWA's options?
  2. Is there some way of resetting a user's OWA "profile" in Exchange 2010 or the PowerShell CLI for it?
  3. Is there any hope for being able to change this signature other than recreating the mailbox? It is a terribly annoying issue because the phone number I had listed the user listed there is wrong, and the image URL that it is linked to is no longer valid.

You should be able to use the Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration EMS command with the -SignatureHTML and/or -SignatureText argument to reset the signature.

  • You are a great man sir! I didn't see this answer for a while, but tested and it works like a charm. To be more specific, use Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -Identity jdoe -SignatureHTML "" to blank out the signature so your user can re edit it without the bad stuff. – tacos_tacos_tacos May 30 '12 at 18:52

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