I have a directory with multiple .gpg files, all encrypted with the same passphrase. How can I decrypt them all without entering the passphrase over and over?


It seems like this does the trick:

gpg --decrypt-files *.gpg

In case you one day need the lines to script a solution

#!/usr/bin/env bash
_paraphrase=( "$@" )
    _pass=( "$@" )
    for _file in $(ls "${_dir}"); do
        case "${_file}" in
                echo "${_pass[*]}" | gpg --always-trust --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt ${_file} --output ${_file%.gpg*}
    unset _pass
Decrypt "${_paraphrase[*]}"
unset _paraphrase

Similar to above works grate in my GnuPG scripts that have to decrypt without human interaction. However the accepted answer of gpg --decrypt-files *.gpg is far more secure because GnuPG is the only application handling your password.

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