I have the following script:

cd "/usr/local/bin/"     
/sbin/startproc ./program1

I have a license in the /usr/local/bin directory and if the program isn't started from there it won't launch correctly.

The cd "/usr/local/bin" doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

  • a note aside: .../bin directories aren't supposed to host anything but runnable commands. Please consider moving the license files to a more suitable location like .../etc or .../share or something. – yrk May 11 '12 at 21:39

Taking a peek at startproc's man page, it looks like it wants full path.

Have you tried the cd and specifying the full directory, like so?

cd /usr/local/bin
startproc /usr/local/bin/program1

On thing I'd do afterwards is add the following line immediately after the startproc line;

echo -e "exit code is $?"

That can tell you what error startproc is throwing, and what the problem might be, according to this exit code list for the program:

0 Success
1 Generic or unspecified error
2 Invalid or excess argument(s)
4 Insufficient privilege(s)
5 Program is not installed
7 Program is not running

That should give you a better peek into what's up if the full path doesn't work.

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You haven't said anything about the kind of system you're doing this on, but typically a utility with a name like startproc does its own setup — often including setting a default directory. I suggest you find your system's documentation for startproc and see how to make it do what you need, or failing that startproc the script that changes directory.

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  • sorry this is on ubuntu 11.04. I will try to startproc the cd "/usr/local/bin" and see if that works – rahrahruby May 11 '12 at 21:30

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