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Too Many ESTABLISHED connection from a single IP address in Apache

netstat -ntp |grep 80 shows too many ESTABLISHED connection from single IP address. Around 300 of them and it is not an attack and user is using a 2G connection to access our website using our mobile application. This is the case with other 2G connections also. As a result of this Apache is running out of children.

Earlier it was showing too many close_wait and after enabling tcp_tw_reuse and tcp_tw-recycle and tcp-fin_timeout to 30 there is not much close_wait but the number of ESTABLISHED connections increased.We are using Ubuntu 11.04 apache version 2.2.17 with prefork. our mobile app deals with images mostly

**keepalive On

keepalive timeout 10

max clients 1000

max-request-perchild 4000

timeout 300**

On broadband connections there is no such issue. Connections are closing properly, but with 2G connections Apache is running out of children due to too many ESTABLISHED connections.

we also tried turning off the keepalive and timeout to 30 but sill this exist.Can anybody tell me why thus much established connection occurs from slow connections.

Is using mod_reqtimeout an option or should we move to ngnix server