My environment is Ubuntu 10.10
I'm setting /etc/security/limits.conf, also enable pam_limits.so module.

* soft  nofile  64000
* hard  nofile  65000

But it's not working.
Login as root and 'ulimit -n' it display 1024.

But I add a

root  soft  nofile  64000
root  hard  nofile  65000

Login as root and it works.

Why the asterisk not work?

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Because wildcard is not applied to the root user.

man limits.conf

   The syntax of the lines is as follows:

   <domain> <type> <item> <value>

   The fields listed above should be filled as follows:


       o   a username

       o   a groupname, with @group syntax. This should not be confused
           with netgroups.

       o   the wildcard *, for default entry.

       o   the wildcard %, for maxlogins limit only, can also be used with
           %group syntax.

           NOTE: group and wildcard limits are not applied to the root
           user. To set a limit for the root user, this field must contain
           the literal username root.

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