I'm using Google Apps for my domains email, but should I use mstmp and hook it into sending via Google Apps? The reason I ask this is if I have to send high volumes of email, for example people signing up to my site in quick succession and receiving emails, or batch sending of emails, will Google support/allow this?



Google Apps only supports sending a maximum of 2,000 e-mails per day, per account.

Pasted from their FAQ:

Q: I have to send out a lot of emails on a daily basis. Does Google Apps have a sending limit?

A: Each account can currently send email to 2,000 external recipients per day to prevent abuse of our system and to help fight spam. If one of your mail accounts reaches the limit, the account will be temporarily unable to send mail.

Source: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/faq.html

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