I have a web service on 64bit AWS/ubuntu 10.04 machine. Current php ver PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.15. Current curl ver: 7.19.7

This Curl version has a memory leak and I need to upgrade to V 7.25.0

apt-get says my version is the latest, On curl download page the last version for Ubuntu is the one I have. There doesnt seem to be an upgraded version available.

How can I upgrade ? I spent hours on Google and couldn't find any information.


When Ubuntu 10.04 was released, curl 7.19.7 was a stable and current release. Ubuntu will not upgrade to later versions with new functionality, but they will backport security fixes.

If the memory leak bug in 7.19.7 was of significance, it is likely that the bugfix has been backported by Ubuntu into the curl-version you currently have on your system.

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