I was able to successfully install TomCat on my MacMini. http://[localhost]:8080/ took me to the Tomcat home page.

However after I installed Jenkins via the installer (outside of TomCat), it appears to have declared itself the root app. Browsing to http://[localhost]:8080/ now takes me to Jenkins home page and not TomCat root. Tried removing the apache-folder and re installing but no luck.

How do I get back to the TomCat default Root app?



Find your Jenkins config file, and edit it, making sure you update the port in the file. For example, on Ubuntu, if you used apt-get to install, the file is /etc/default/jenkins and you need to have (or add) the following line:


This sets the port to 8090, you can use whichever port you prefer. Once you have that done, you can look at this page to setup your Apache config (if you want to not use the :8090 on the URL)

Hope that helps, let me know if you have more questions.

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