Just configured and installed Apache (successfully as far as I know) on a remote server, via X-Win32 SSH.

In the bin directory I see "httpd" listed.

To start the web server my provided instructions for the server state:

From your installation Apache directory type, './bin/apachectl start'.

However, I get the following error (11-14 just showing it is there):

server.edu(11): ls
bin     cgi-bin conf    htdocs  icons   include libexec logs    man     proxy
server.edu(12): cd bin
server.edu(13): ls
ab              apxs            dbmmanage       htpasswd        logresolve
apachectl       checkgid        htdigest        httpd           rotatelogs
server.edu(14): cd ..
server.edu(15): ./bin/apachectl start
./bin/apachectl: apache/bin/httpd: not found
./bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Depending on your distro there are other commands to try:

service httpd restart
service apache2 restart

What distro are you using?

  • also which apachectl which apache2 which httpd
    – Tom
    May 26, 2012 at 17:05

As I see, you have installed apache manually and it was mis-configured somewhere, because apachectl tries to launch apache/bin/httpd, which does not exist.


I assume you are already at apache directory, if httpd is in bin directory, you will be able to run httpd by ../apache/bin/httpd.

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