I have a dump.rdb file, which is in the same directory as redis.config.

When I start my sever:

redis-server ./redis.config

It does not load the data in that 1 GB file.

How do I load that data?

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Edit your config file to set the dir option to the current working directory:

# The filename where to dump the DB
dbfilename dump.rdb

# The working directory.
# The DB will be written inside this directory, with the filename specified
# above using the 'dbfilename' configuration directive.
# Also the Append Only File will be created inside this directory.
# Note that you must specify a directory here, not a file name.
dir /current/working/directory

Do as follow:

  1. modify the redis.conf, disable the appendonly.aof
    appendonly no
  1. Restart the redis-server

  2. Run redis-cli BGREWRITEAOF, to create a new appendonly file.

  3. Modify redis config appendonly to yes and restart your redis-server

Please see this


We found we had to switch aof off beforehand otherwise redis creates a blank aof at boot and uses that instead of the rdb file. Once redis creates a populated aof then you can switch aof back on.

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