This morning I was greeted by Ingres 10.0.0 with the following:

[ingres@denux ~]$ alterdb dejandb -keep=60
Mon May 28 08:54:17 2012 ALTERDB: No checkpoints available to delete.

[ingres@denux ~]$ ls -la /opt/Ingres/IngresII/ingres/ckp/default/dejandb | wc -l

Checkpoints are obviously there. And Ingres nicely makes new checkpoints, but I can't delete them with alterdb <dbname> -keep=<NN>

Any ideas?

Note: This post should be tagged "ingres" but I have insufficient rank to create it. Need help here.


Looks like all I needed was a strong coffee to wake me up!

Apparently alterdb <database name> -keep=<NN> will naturally work ONLY when there are NN checkpoints or more! :) I wanted to -keep=60 but I had less than 60 because two weeks ago i did a cleanup, and left only 30...

So everything worked when I lowered the NN number...

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