Hey folks i am trying to extends the size of DRBD device (/dev/drbd0) online on production server but have to bring down and up the device (/dev/drbd0) twice so the change in size is detected.

I just wanna know that is their any way to extend the size of DRBD device without Down and up the DRBD resource device. Actually i followed this link.

Thanks in advance...

  • Sure there is. What is your drbd major/minor version, and what is your underlying storage device for drbd0? – Nils Jun 1 '13 at 19:13

After the LV resize do a drbdadm resize.

  1. Resize the LVs on both sides - I recommend using a relative size e.g. lvresize -L +2G
  2. Resize DRBD while drbd is commected drbdadm resize - you see the progess in cat /proc/drbd
  3. Resize the filesystem online
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