When using http://cloudflare.ipv6-test.com/validate.php to see if my website if IPv6 compliant, I see that it is not because it requires an AAAA DNS record.

My site is hosted on Azure, but I can't find an IPv6 address within the Azure Web Service (I can only see IPv4).

Does Azure support IPv6? If not, is there something else I can/should do to make my website IPv6 compliant?


Windows Azure only provides an IPv4 address externally. However, Windows Azure Connect (software-based VPN), when creating its VPN tunnel, is IPv6-based (over the IPv4 tunnel). So, you could create a Connect group between your Windows Azure deployment (you choose which roles to add to the Connect group) and your on-prem box, and you'll have IPv6 connectivity.

Note: Across the tunnel, it's IPv6-only.

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