I have to setup an embedded standalone CIFS server outside of domain environment. I shall refer to the server as storage_gateway.

The default password setting for the Administrator account is "Password must be changed". Until the Administrator password is changed, other local accounts are disabled.

While the server is on default password, connecting to a share fails with NT_STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE error.

   $ smbclient -L //storage_gateway -U Administrator
   session setup failed: NT_STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE

(I have a mixed Linux/Windows environment and prefer smbclient for diagnostics).

To change the password in Windows 2003 Server I could press CTRL-ALT-DEL to get into the Windows Security window and change password for the remote server specifying the server name or ip address (xx.xx.xx.xx) in the system password change dialog.

Windows 2003 password change dialog

(the name root is just an example, I have edited the screenshots to translate them from a local language version)

However in Windows 2008 the corresponding dialog lacks the Log on to field.

Windows 2008 password change dialog

Is there a way to change a remote password in Windows 2008 Server/Windows 7?


You could try putting the IP address of the server before the username, e.g.: if you where trying to change the password for an account on you would put:\root



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