We recently found a bug in a hardware vendor's ability to port aggregate to a monitoring port. They have given us an estimate og at least 6 months of development to get a fix. As this is an operational requirement for us, we need to figure out another way to get access to this packet data. Is there any way to mirror all traffic from a network interface in linux to another interface (both in and outbound)? Then we could attach the monitoring box to the second port and capture the data there.

  • What about just using a tap? It's the least invasive operationally and it will pretty much always be useful. – rnxrx May 30 '12 at 18:13
  • We would love to, however putting it into a production environment would require a lengthy QA period, and we don't really have time for it :( – Matthew May 30 '12 at 18:58

Two possible ideas:

  • Create a bridge between two interfaces and use brctl setageingtime 0 to ensure no addresses are learned and all packets not destined to the bridge host are forwarded across the interfaces.

  • Sourcefire's Daemonlogger can write all traffic on one interface to another interface.

  • daemonlogger looks like exactly what we need! I'll give it a shot, thank you! – Matthew May 30 '12 at 18:59
  • Can you give a short explanation of what brctl setageingtime 0 does? – Jonathan S. Fisher Aug 27 '14 at 18:51

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