I have supervisord to start nagiosapi everytime the server starts. The API created a status dump file called status.dat, which will get updated periodically. The following is the conf file that starts the api.

directory = /home/nagapi
user = api
command = /bin/bash -c "source /home/nagapi/.virtualenvs/nagapi/bin/activate;    /home/nagapi/nagios-api/nagios-api"
stdout_logfile = /home/nagapi/supervisor_nagios-api_stdout.log
stderr_logfile = /home/nagapi/supervisor_nagios-api_stderr.log

Everytime i restart the server, supervisord cannot start the api. stderr.log claims that it cannot find the status.dat file located in /var/cache/nagios3.

It seems like the files was not created yet when supervisor tried to run the api the first time. I'm saying this because if i do a supervisorctl reload, everything would reload just fine, and the api would run ok about 50 seconds after the reload command completes.

should i change the command option of the conf file to check for


OK, I finally figured this out. Depending on how many servers you are monitoring, it might take some time for status.dat to be available upon restart. All I have to do is to wait until the file becomes available. I did so by adding startsecs option in my supervisor config file for the API. in my case, 60 seconds seem to do it.

If you are interested to know the details, I documented this problem in my blog.

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