Does anyone know about setting a requirement to use a particular cluster node. I have a server with 128G of RAM that I'd like to sit idle until a user specifically requests something like -l h_vmem=100G

Is Grid Engine capable of something like this?


If you don't specifically need to rely on only h_vmem then it's possible to use complexes of type FORCED. You can create a new complex in qconf -mc called something like bigmem and make it of type FORCED. Then you just edit your exec host with qconf -me and add bigmem=1 to its complexes section. Now only jobs that are submitted with -l bigmem will be queued on to that host.

I don't think it's possible to use just h_vmem because the of the way the relop is defined any host with sufficient memory to satisfy a job's request is eligible, so low memory jobs would still be queued on high memory hosts.

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