Each plesk vhost only has one user access that httpdocs directory. I want to manage a whole bunch of separate virtual hosts using Git.

Does this mean installing a separate Git repository with a separate user / ssh public key combination for each virtual host or is there a way of centralising it at all?

Gitosis sounds like it might help - but I'm not sure if it gets round pushing the files to each virtual host.


There are usually 2 ways to manage this sort of problem ;

  1. You have a bare repository centralizing your application somewhere on the server, and one clone of this repository (with a working tree) in each httpdocs folder

    you then set a post-receive hook on the bare repo to update all httpdocs clones of this repository, usually a shell script will suffice (and can setup permissions and do global chmodbased on your users)

    And you have another copy of the repository on a local machine which pushes to this barerepository on the server, which triggers the post-receive hooks, and updates all the "children" repositories in your httpdocsdirectories

  2. You get the .gitpart out of httpdocs (which I would recommand) and setup repositories in the /private/home/git/myrepo (create it) folder with a working tree in httpdocs

    $ git --git-dir=/var/www/vhosts/newdomain.tld/private/home/git/newdomain.tld \
    --work-tree=/var/www/vhosts/newdomain.tld/httpdocs   init  &&  \
    echo "gitdir: /var/www/vhosts/newdomain.tld/private/home/git/newdomain.tld" \
    > /var/www/vhosts/newdomain.tld/httpdocs/.git

    this way, your httpdocs remains relatively clean of versioning info (except for the .gitFILE (not dir) created in /var/www/vhosts/newdomain.tld/httpdocs/, which is just a GIT way of symlinking the working tree with the location of the GITDIR)

    the rest of the procedure is the same : bare repository, post-receive hooks

I personally gave up on Gitosis, gitolite & palls, because it's too much overhead for just a few repositories. Properly setting up your remote branches and a shell script is all that's needed (launched by the post-receive hook)

More on hookon the githooks(5) manpage

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