I have a windows domain environment and it contains only Server 2008 Os's. I'm trying to execute a script or a program from 1 server on multiple servers, but I can't configure or install any applications. I was trying to user powershell v2.0 (invoke-command) but its not configured and I cant configure it. I'm looking for an alternative maybe WMI. Psexec and rcmd are not installed on any servers. Any advise could help a lot.


How about copying a script to each machine and adding a scheduled task that executes it?

Also, psexec does not require a remote install. Some information from PsExec - Execute processes on a remote system and redirect output to the local system (Windows IT Pro):

PsExec's ability to run processes remotely with no manual installation of software on the remote system makes deployment easy.

  • The problem is that a scheduled task needs manual configuration and I need to run xy stuff any time I need on more then 100 servers. Psexec gets a try. – T. Crancker Jun 10 '12 at 2:36

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