How to delete all characters in one line after "]" with sed ?

Im trying to grep some file using cat, awk. Now my oneliner returns me something like] other characters in logs from sendmail.... :)

Now I want to delete all after "]" character (with "]"). I want only in my output.

I was googling for that particular example of sed but didn't find any help in those examples.

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 echo "] other characters in logs from sendmail...." | sed 's/].*//' 

So if you have a file full of lines like that you can do

 sed 's/].*//' filename

How about cut instead:

cat logfile | cut -d "]" -f1

Something like

sed 's|\(.*\)\] .*$|\1|'

should do what you want. The \(.*\)] will capture all the text up to the ] into a remembered pattern and then the \1 substitutes it for the whole line.

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