I need to see who has logged into a system via SSH, from which IP and when.

The system is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , so there is no /var/log/secure

How can this be done?


check in /var/log/auth.log
There is no /var/log/secure in Ubuntu -- afaik (that was RedHat?).

Also, remember log rotation (so, lookup the auth.log.N.gz files too).

more ref.

  1. LinuxLogFiles at Ubuntu Help pages describe auth.log -- has a lot more details
  2. 20 Linux Log Files that are Located under /var/log Directory.

The command "last" will show you login history.


Check out lastlog :

petrus@host:~$ lastlog 
Utilisateur      Port     Venant de        Dernière
root                                       **Jamais connecté**
daemon                                     **Jamais connecté**
bin                                        **Jamais connecté**
sys                                        **Jamais connecté**
petrus           pts/0    2a01:e34:ee8c:18 dim. juin 17 20:06:14 +0200 2012
  • Sorry, system is in french, but it says: "User", "From", and "Last login". "Jamais connecté" means "never logged in". – petrus Jun 17 '12 at 18:07

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