I installed and configured Apache Mobile Filter module for Apache to redirect users to mobile version of our website, depending on their user agents. I configured the module to use WURFL.

But as soon as I start Apache it hogs a large amount of memory (without any in-coming web requests):

Resident Memory: 300 to 400 MB Virtual Memory: 300 to 650 MB

Without this module, Apache was consuming much lesser memory (4 to 10 MB).

What could be the reason here?

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Hi I am the owner of AMF, AMF stored the Device Repository in memory with several index this is the reason AMF is very fast.

But I don't know why it's take in your webserver so much memory, on my apachemobilefilter.org webserver with two repositories (WURFL and 51Degrees) take only 230mb, my virtual server has only 256mb memory.

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