I have a Dell Precision 490 that has two LGA771 sockets and only one occupied socket - with a Dual core E5130 Xeon CPU running 2.0GHz rated at 80W TDP and it has on it a 80mm passive heatsink.

As the faster Quad core E5345 is also rated at 80W does that mean I could use a similar heatsink if I put one in the spare socket?

There's not any more room in the case for a heatsink bigger than 80mm, so I figure the TDP of the CPU determines the "class" of heatsink I need.

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The E5130 was rated at 65W TDP not 80, but you could at one time buy them with E5335's in them and they have a TDP of 80, as did the E5345 so that'll be fine with the same heatsink too.

You should also be able to fit an E5350, though they're hard/impossible to find.

Oh and I'd strongly suggest you update your BIOS to the latest version whatever way you go.

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